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Statutory Rape

MA Statutory Rape Defense Lawyers

Statutory rape is legal terminology used to describe sexual activities in which one of the participants is under the legal age of consent. Statutory rape laws in Delaware vary depending on the ages of the victim and the actor. Being accused of statutory rape can have severe repercussions on all areas of your life. If you have been charged with statutory rape in Delaware it is a wise move  for you to consult with a Georgetown Delaware Sex Crime Defense Lawyer immediately. he will do his best to obtain you the most favorable outcome possible.

Statutory Rape Defense

In many sex crime cases consent is a valid form of defense. Due to statutory rape laws outlining the age of consent defending a statutory rape case can be substantially more difficult. Without the expertise of a skilled and experienced sex crime defense attorney on your side your future and the life you currently enjoy can be jeopardized.

Call A Seaford Delaware Statutory Rape Defense Lawyer

Our Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorneys wants you to know that you do not have to face your pending sex offense charges alone. You have rights and they need to be protected.

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