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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Defense Attorneys Massachusetts

The mere accusation of a sex crime in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a very serious matter that can change your life permanently. Sexual assault is the most serious of these offenses. Sexual assault is defined as being a statutory offense causing another person to engage in an unwanted sexual act by force, threat or intimidation. It is also a violent crime that carries with it very severe legal penalties and social consequences.

Types Of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault comes in many forms Some of the more common are forced intercourse, rape and attempted rape. Forced, non consensual oral, anal and vaginal sex are all forms of sexual assault. Normally sexual assault results in an unwanted sexual advance where one part of someone’s body touches another’s– even if it is through clothing. Molestation, incest and fondling are all types of sexual assault. If you have been accused of any of these crimes, it may make sense to have a skilled, experienced Delaware Sexual Assault Defense Attorney on your side.

Victims Of Sexual Assault

In the eyes of the law anyone can be victim to sexual assault including:

  • Someone forced to perform sexual act
  • Someone threatened or intimidated to point of doing sexual act
  • Anyone who is drugged, unconscious or intoxicated at time of encounter
  • A minor
  • Someone developmentally disabled
  • Someone with chronic mental illness
  • Someone believing they are undergoing a medical procedure

An Experienced Attorney Who Fights For Your Rights

Our MA sex crime lawyers will aggressively fight for your rights as he is aware that in doing so, he is also protecting your reputation and your future. He will conduct a thorough investigation, thoroughly interviewing all witnesses, examining evidence and recreating the scene if necessary. As mentioned, being accused of sexual assault, rape, attempted rape or any sex offense can greatly change the course of your life. Your ability to be gainfully employed, your social status and your pride and reputation can all be negatively tarnished by being accused of a sex crime.

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