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Sexual Abuse of a Child

Sexual Abuse Of A Child

A sex crime involving a minor, child or someone under the age of 18 is extremely serious. If convicted your life will be impacted forever. Facing charges such as these requires the aid of an experienced Delaware Sex Crime Lawyer.


Delaware Continuous Sexual Abuse Of A Child Laws

§ 776. Continuous sexual abuse of a child; class B felony.

(a) A person is guilty of continuous sexual abuse of a child when, either residing in the same home with the minor child or having recurring access to the child, the person intentionally engages in 3 or more acts of sexual conduct with a child under the age of 18 years of age over a period of time, not less than 3 months in duration.

(b) Sexual conduct under this section is defined as any of those criminal sexual acts defined under § 768, § 769, § 770, § 771, § 772, § 773, 777A, § 778, § 778A or § 1108 of this title.

(c) To convict under this section, the trier of fact, if a jury, need unanimously agree only that the requisite number of acts occurred, not on which acts constitute the requisite number.

(d) Continuous sexual abuse of a child is a class B felony.

Call A Delaware Sexual Abuse Attorney To Discuss Your Rights

Any time you are arrested, no matter what the charges, you have rights that need to be protected. Contact our Millsboro Delaware Child Sexual Abuse Lawyer Defense Lawyers.

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