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OUI Laws

OUI Laws Massachusetts

Are you facing charges in Worcester County, or anywhere in Massachusetts, for driving under the influence? Were you arrested at an OUI checkpoint or roadblock? Do you question the legality of these OUI Checkpoints? If so, you are not alone. Regardless of whether you are a Massachusetts resident or you are visiting the Boston area on vacation it is important to know that you have rights if you have been arrested for driving under the influence in Massachusetts. Teaming up with an OUI attorney who has a very in depth knowledge of Massachusetts OUI laws is a wise move.

Massachusetts Sobriety Checkpoints

The state of Massachusetts has a highway safety program that permits random OUI roadblocks. Throughout the state there is an increased number of OUI checkpoints on weekends, and especially holiday weekends, holiday weekends when the weather is nicer. The premise behind random OUI checkpoints is to stop impaired, drunk or drugged driving on Massachusetts roads, highways and interstates. Oftentimes these checkpoints can be scattered throughout the greater Boston area which includes Worcester County, Massachusetts.

Legal Concerns Regarding Massachusetts DUI Checkpoints

According to Massachusetts law OUI roadblocks and checkpoints are perfectly legal throughout the entire state of Massachusetts.  They are designed to help to keep Massachusetts roads safer. However, when it comes to being arrested for these there are certain legal issues that arise. One of the most common legal issues has to do with the officer not having probable cause to stop you other than the fact that there was a OUI roadblock. Other concerns are:

Did law enforcement lawfully choose the OUI Checkpoint location?

Were proper OUI arrest protocol followed?

Were Massachusetts OUI roadblock guidelines followed?

Were Massachusetts officials properly notified of the checkpoint?

Was the roadblock properly conducted?

Were field sobriety tests administered correctly?

If you failed the field sobriety tests are there other reasons you could have failed perhaps due to a medical condition?

Were the breathalyzer mechanisms properly calibrated?

Let An OUI Lawyer Serving Worcester County Fight For You

Working with an experienced OUI Lawyer makes perfect sense if you have been pulled over and charged with OUI at a checkpoint. The Worcester, Massacusetts OUI lawyers on our team  will make sure your rights are protected throughout the entire legal process. Contact our Boston, Massachusetts OUI defense attorneys for a free consultation. They will use their knowledge of MA OUI law to defend your rights while attempting to keep the negative consequences of your pending drunk driving charges to a minimum. In addition, they are cognizant of the fact that you may have just made a one time mistake or suffered a lapse in judgement due to being intoxicated. They will do their best to convey that to the prosecution. As your DUI attorney obtaining the most favorable outcome possible for you is their number one concern.

They offer free consultations to those facing criminal and OUI charges in Massachusetts.

Our Massachusetts handle OUI cases in all of Massachusetts including Boston, Lowell, Lynn, Quincy, New Bedford, Fall River, Newton, Somerville, Framingham, Malden, Waltham, Haverhill, Taunton, Plymouth, Brookline, Weymouth and Chicopee, MA.