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Online Solicitation of a Minor

Child Sex Crime Attorneys In Massachusetts

One of the most common internet related sex offenses today is online solicitation of a minor. This crime occurs when an adult knowingly engages an underage person online and attempts to meet them in person for sex or sexual favors. Even being accused of this type of sex crime can blemish your reputation and impact your everyday life. If you are ultimately convicted of a crime like this it can alter your life forever.

Penalties For Soliciting A Minor Online

Being charged with a sex crime that involves a child will impact your life forever. It is extremely difficult to overcome the stigma associated with sex crime involvement our society today. A sex offense conviction can exert serious legal, administrative and financial consequences on your life, your career and your reputation. If you are convicted of using a computer to facilitate a child sex offense you may face penalties such as job loss, your ability to be employed will be impacted, you may face an extended jail or prison sentence. You will also be forced to become a registered sex offender.

Defending Sex Crimes Involving Children

Our MA sex crime lawyers have many years of experience handling online sex crimes. They understands how to build a sound, strategic defense on your behalf. They will work side by side with computer experts who will assess evidence that the prosecution presents. Once retained our MA criminal defense lawyers will determine how the evidence against you was collected and whether it reiterates what you are being accused of. Knowledge, intent and proving the identification of the user are other aspects needed to build your defense.

Contact A Dover, DE Sex Offense Attorney

If you have been accused of solicitation of a minor online in Delaware please understand that you do not have to go through this alone. Having a skilled, knowledgeable Delaware Online Sex Offense Lawyer on your side is in your best interest.