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Investment Fraud

Massachusetts Investment Fraud Attorneys

Securities fraud, or investment fraud, is a very serious crime in Kent County, Delaware. The mere accusation can impact your professional reputation, livelihood and income earning potential for years to come. These charges should not be taken lightly and it behooves you to speak with a skilled Dover Delaware Securities Fraud Defense Attorney.

Contact our Worcester County Delaware Securities Fraud Defense Lawyers if you have been accused of securities fraud in Kent County, Delaware or Sussex County, Delaware. They have many years experience handling all types of white collar crimes and federal crime cases in central and lower Delaware.

Types Of Investment And Securities Fraud In Dover Delaware

There are several different types of securities fraud and investment fraud. Common examples are:

  • Churning
  • Unsuitability
  • Creating Illegal Accounts
  • Over Concentration Of Investments
  • Unauthorized Trades

Who Can Be Charged With Investment Fraud In Kent County Delaware

It is not just stockbrokers who are susceptible to investment fraud charges. Financial planners, financial advisors, promoters, accountants and day traders are also vulnerable to these charges if they misuse someone’s funds for investing. If you are ultimately convicted of investment fraud in Delaware you may face severe consequences such as loss of professional licensing or sanctions, fines, fees and a possible prison sentence.

Contact A Dover Delaware Investment Fraud Defense Lawyer

Our Dover Delaware Investment Fraud Defense Attorneys have ample experience defending those accused of all fraud related crimes in Massachusetts.