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Credit Card Fraud

Massachusetts Credit Card Fraud Attorneys

Credit card fraud is a blanket legal term used to describe any act involving illegal use of a credit card or similar payment method. Credit card fraud is typically used to fraudulently obtain funds, goods or services. Credit card fraud is a serious crime in Delaware that brings with it severe legal and financial consequences.

If you have been accused of, or charged with, credit card fraud in Massachusetts call our Boston, MA Attorneys for a free consult.

Forms Of Credit Card Fraud

There are many types of credit card fraud that can be committed. These include obtaining credit cards illegally through the mail, using lost or stolen credit cards and using counterfeit credit cards. Accessing someone else’s credit card accounts, account numbers, personal identification numbers (PIN) and obtaining equipment for instruments used to carry out the fraudulent act are also forms of credit card fraud.

Penalties For Credit Card Fraud

A credit card conviction can carry with it an extended prison sentence and very expensive fines, court costs and attorneys fees. Your reputation, employability  and freedom can also be impacted. If you have been accused of credit card fraud, or are being investigated regarding the fraudulent use of credit cards, it is in your best interest to consult with a skilled Kent County Delaware Credit Card Defense Lawyer.

Let A Delaware Criminal Attorney Work For You

Working with a competent Delaware Credit Card Fraud Lawyer is a good idea as they will plan a strategic and sound defense for you as the state and federal prosecutors will be relentless in their investigation. Contact our Worcester, Massachusetts criminal lawyers to discuss your case.

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