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MA Cocaine Charges

Cocaine Defense

Cocaine is a very common street drug in Kent County, Delaware. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain both for Delaware residents as well as out of state tourists. It is also one of the more common narcotics used socially at bars, clubs, parties and on college campuses. A cocaine charge of any kind in Delaware is very serious and can change your life for years to come. If you are arrested in Kent County or Sussex County, Delaware for possession of cocaine, sale of cocaine or cocaine trafficking it is in your best interest to consult with a Kent County Delaware Cocaine Charge Defense Attorney.

Delaware Cocaine Laws

Cocaine Possession- In Delaware possession, use and consumption is a Class A misdemeanor. Certain offenders may qualify for Delaware First Offenders Controlled Substance Diversion Program.

Sale Of Cocaine- The sale of cocaine in Delaware is considered a felony in Delaware. It can be either a Class B or Class C felony depending on the circumstances. Penalties vary depending on the age of person you sold it to, age of person you bought it from, whether or not it was on or near school property and whether or not death resulted from the cocaine use.

Cocaine Trafficking- If you are caught with 10 grams or more at one time it is considered a Class B felony. Prison sentences and fines differ depending on the quantity you were caught with.

A skilled and experienced Georgetown Delaware Cocaine Crime Defense Attorney will explain all possible outcomes and sentencing options to you and defend you vigorously in court.

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You do not have to face your Sussex County Delaware Cocaine Crime Charges alone. Call our Massachusetts cocaine crime defense lawyers for a free consult.

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